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Welcome to the 2019 Fill The Net Soccer Classic

Rules for the 2019 Fill The Net Soccer Classic

Rules for the 2018 Fill The Soccer Classic - Hosted by the Kolping Soccer Club and FOSC Soccer Club

Laws of the Game:
All teams are required to present at time of registration two (2) copies of their official roster (one will remain with the Division Coordinator); (2) guest player rosters (if applicable); emergency medical forms should be with coaches at all times (We will not ask to see them unless you are from outside of Ohio South); player and coach passes; travel permits (for all teams outside of Ohio South) New this year, We will need to see approved Concussion certificates for any parent,coach,trainer that will be on the teams sideline during the tournament.

All players and teams must be currently registered and in good standing with their State/National Association. Ages are determined per USYSA guidelines effective September 1, 2004. Teams may carry a roster of no more than 18 players, except U8, U9, and U10 (playing 7v7) up to 12; U11 (playing 9v9) and U12 (playing 9v9) up to 16 players. U8-U15 may substitute up to 3 guest players to the team's roster, U16 and above may substitute up to 5 guest players. Teams that play 9 v 9 in the regular season that are playing 11 v 11 in the tournament will be allowed to expand there roster by using up to 5 guest players. No roster changes will be permitted after a team roster has been approved at tournament registration. All players and coaches must carry a valid USYSA pass or card or the approved pass/card of the team’s member organization. Passes will be checked prior to the start of each match. Emergency medical forms for each player must be carried to every game. No player may play or register for more than one team. All teams must carry travel permission forms as required by their affiliation.

The tournament committee reserves the right to accept or reject any team application. If the committee is unable to assemble a competitive bracket in your age division, you will be contacted to discuss your options. Full refunds will be given to teams withdrawing before the application deadline date. No team shall be deemed accepted unless written notification has been sent from the tournament committee. Teams are required to acknowledge acceptance of their place in the tournament within three days of notification. Teams not acknowledging their acceptance may be replaced. Bracketing will not begin until all teams have submitted their acceptance.

Boys and Girls teams in separate divisions
U15 2004 & U14 2005 will be combined if not enough 2003 teams register
U13 2006
U12 2007
U11 2008
U10 2009
U9 2010
U8 2011 (if there are not enough teams to assemble a bracket, U8 teams will play in the lowest available U9 division)

Teams are selected using the following criteria – 2018 champion/finalist; level of competition; geographic diversity; favored club; incomplete information; prior year participant; date of application/paid.

All teams that are selected for participation in the Fill The Net are required to make hotel reservations for their entire team at one of the approved hotels listed on the Fill The Net website. In the event your team does not utilize our approved hotels, your team may not be accepted to participate in the tournament. This only applies to teams requiring hotel accommodations for the tournament.

Home team will be the first team listed on the schedule. Home team is responsible for changing uniforms in case of conflict. Home team will provide the game ball.
Player shirt number must match the number on the official roster (or guest player roster) – when shirt numbers are noted on the official rosters. If the numbers do not match, the game official will not allow the player to participate until the numbers are the same.

Shin guards are mandatory and must be covered by socks. Jewelry of any kind is not allowed. Soft casts are permitted with the approval of the referee. Referee decisions on equipment compliance are final.

All games will be played under international rules (FIFA) with the exception that the goalkeeper may not be fairly charged and other modifications as noted below:


Age Format Preliminary round game time Final round game time Ball Size
U8-U10 7v7 50 minutes 50 minutes 4
U11-U12 9v9 60 minutes 60 minutes 4
U13-U1415 11v11 70 minutes 70 minutes 5
U16-U19 11v11 70 minutes 70 minutes 5

During preliminary round the game clock will not be stopped because of injury unless authorized by tournament headquarters. Due to the time allowed for completion of all games, the clock will run continuously. Half time will be 5 minutes in duration.

Substitutions may be made with the consent of the referee:
§ After a goal
§ Before a goal kick
§ Before a throw-in in your favor - opponent may substitute if throwing team does
§ At halftime, or before the start of any overtime period
§ In case of injury or extended stoppage of play
§ After a player is cautioned – the cautioned player may be substituted at the officials discretion

Any player or coach ejected from a game will be ineligible to participate in the teams next scheduled match. Substitutions are not permitted for ejected players. Participants ejected for fighting may be subject to ejection to any further tournament participation. Multiple game suspensions may be imposed at the tournament director’s discretion for egregious conduct. Coaches ejected from a game must leave the field completely and not return until the team from which he was ejected completes its next game. NOTE a coach may not coach another team until the suspension has been served and the coach’s pass has been reclaimed from Tournament Headquarters. Coaches are responsible for reclaiming cards at headquarters once a suspension has been served.

U8, U9, and U10 will play with a three-man system – FIFA offsides rule will apply.

Free kicks:
The opposing team must be at least eight (8) yards from the ball until it is in play. If a free kick is kicked directly into the team's own goal, a corner kick is awarded to the opposing team. If the ball is within eight (8) yards of the goal line when a free kick is awarded, the opposing team may stand on the goal line.

All teams are guaranteed a minimum of 3 matches weather permitting. In a two-bracket division the top team in each bracket will play each other in the final round. Five team divisions will play 4 games with the champion and finalist determined by total points (see explanation in Standings section). No team will be scheduled to play more than two (2) games per day.

The FTN is a rain or shine tournament. Plan to play in inclement weather. Regardless of weather conditions, coaches and their teams must appear at the respective field, ready to play as scheduled. Failure to appear will result in forfeiture of the match.

In the case of threatening weather, headquarters will signal game suspension by one long blast from the horn. Participants should then immediately seek shelter in a car. The minimum wait for a delay will be 30 minutes. Three short blasts from the horn will indicate it is safe to resume play. In the case of extended delays, coaches must check with the Field Marshall or headquarters for game status. Matches that have been played to half time may be declared as final. Remaining matches for that day may be subject to shortening of game time or canceled because of weather. The Referee's may suspend a game due to any condition he/she deems dangerous.

The Tournament Directors reserve the right to restructure the tournament format as necessary. This includes, but is not limited to relocating or rescheduling any match; changing the duration of any match; and canceling any preliminary match or part of a match.

In the event of total cancellation prior to the start of the first scheduled game, the tournament will refund a percentage of your application fee based on tournament expenses. In the event of tournament interruption or cancellation after the first scheduled tournament games begin, the tournament has no obligation to refund any portion of your application fee.

In the preliminary round each victory will be awarded 3 points and each tie awarded 1 point. No points are awarded for a loss. In the event of a tie (equal number of points) in group standings, the following procedure will be used to determine a winner:
1) Winner of the game between 2 tied teams (skip this step if more than 2 teams tied).
2) Highest cumulative goal spread (goals scored minus goals allowed) with a maximum of 4 goal differential spread per game.
3) Fewest total goals allowed.
4) Most Shutout Wins
5) Penalty Kicks per FIFA rules “Procedures to Determine the Winner of a Match - Kicks from the Penalty Mark.” The Tournament Director will determine a field and start time.

Two (2) ten (10) minute overtime periods played to conclusion. 6v6 and 8v8 matches will play two (2) five (5) minute overtime periods played to conclusion.
If, after the completion of the two (2) overtime periods a winner has still not been determined the game will go the penalty kicks per FIFA rules.

In the event the Final is unable to be played (Due to Weather) We will use the preliminary round Tie Break procedure. Step 5 will be a coin toss instead of penalty kicks.


A minimum of seven players constitutes a team in the eleven-player bracket. A minimum of six players constitutes a team in the eight-player bracket. A minimum of four players constitutes a team in the six-player bracket. A five-minute grace period will be extended beyond the scheduled kickoff time before a forfeit will be declared. However, this grace period takes away from the duration of the match. If the minimum number of players is present, the match will not be delayed. In no case will a team that has forfeited a game be declared a division winner. The score of a forfeited game shall be 2-0, unless the game has commenced and the non-forfeiting team has greater than a 2-0 lead at the time of stoppage in which case the game score will stand. Failure to complete a match or a team leaving the field during play may constitute a forfeit. The Tournament Directors reserve the right to decide on all matters concerning a forfeit.

Upon completion of each match it is the responsibility of each coach to verify the score and sign the official score card in the presence of the match official. Scorecards will be given to the Field Marshal who will be responsible for reporting the score to headquarters.

Scores and standings will be posted at headquarters at the venue where matches are being played. A master standing sheet will be posted at tournament headquarters. Scores will be entered on the tournament website as timely as possible. It is recommended that coaches check standings to see if their team will advance to the finals prior to leaving the complex.

Field Marshals will report ejections to headquarters immediately. The match official will submit a written report on all red cards/ejections of players, coaches or spectators upon completion of the match. The tournament committee will file reports of red cards/ejections to the appropriate organization upon completion of the tournament.

Any protest must be presented in writing to Tournament Headquarters within one (1) hour of the completion of the game and must be accompanied with a $100.00 cash bond that will be returned only if the protest is upheld. A Protest Committee appointed by the Director will consider all protests. Referee judgment cannot be considered as a basis of protest.

Disputes over non-referee decisions (i.e. player eligibility issues or tournament rules) will be presented to the Venue Director. Decisions made by the Director may not be appealed.

All participants, players, coaches, referees, and spectators will be expected to maintain high standards of conduct during the tournament. All spectators must be on the opposite side of the field from the teams. Coaches will remain in their respective areas (in their half of the field 5-20 yards from the half line and away from the touch line. There shall be no dissent with the referees. Questioning a referee is considered dissent. Coaches are responsible for the actions of his/her spectators before, during and after the match, specifically verbal abuse of the referee. Abuse of the referees will not be tolerated. Violation of this policy may result in forfeiture of the game and/or expulsion from play. Any player, coach or spectator ejected from a match will be ineligible to participate in the team's next match. Suspended players may be allowed on the bench while serving their suspension but shall not be in uniform. No substitution will be permitted for an ejected player during the remainder of the current match. Anyone fighting (including spectators) may be subject to ejection from all tournament games. Passes held at the end of the tournament will be returned with report directly to the respective State or National Association.

Appropriate behavior is also expected while in the hotels and the Tournament Directors reserve the right to proceed with sanctions against teams that cause significant problems.

Under no circumstances whatsoever will the Tournament Committee, OSYSA, the Kolping Soccer Club be responsible for any expenses (including tournament entry fee) incurred by any team. This includes a situation where the Tournament or any match is canceled in whole or part. The Tournament Directors’ interpretation of the rules shall be final. The Tournament Director reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the FTN.

Pets are not allowed at the Kolping Soccer Complex or Optimist Park.



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